HUBS Update
So, what’s this festival about?

HUBS Immersive Festival is a new initiative by MEYER-CHAFFAUD, in co-operation with artists of 15 nationalities, some of whom are based in The Hague. Join us for a tour through all of the building of theatre De Nieuwe Regentes, which once upon a time used to be a swimmingpool. In about 2,5 hours you will be immersed in dance, performances and art installations.

The program consists of three main factors: Heighten your senses with performances and art installations which are made to do just that, a number of artworks was created out of the artists fascination for the human body and a part of the program questions and highlights social patterns. Expect pure esthetical pleasure, intimate works that were created only to be experienced by you alone and creations that question and highlight social patterns. It’s going to be ‘a very human art experience’!

Check out all of the artists on the program page on
Info in English will be available soon.

We couldn’t do this without our co-curators, a big thank you goes out to them: iii, The Grey Space in the Middle and Birtalan Áron and Natela Lemondzhava of Talpak.