Erin Skye

Have you ever stopped to wonder at how your muscles work together to enable you to move? How through practice and construction your bones and ligaments can propel you forwards and backwards, to the ground or up into the air? This aerial straps performance strips back all conventions and invites you into the Void. A place where there is just a body… hanging, floating, falling , twisting in space.
Just a body and a whisper.

Coming from Perth, Western Australia, Erin Skye has had quite a journey to get here. With a background in gymnastics, youth circus and performing at corporate events, and graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Circus Arts from Codarts in Rotterdam.

concept and performance: Erin Skye
artistic coach: Hanna Mampuys
performance photo: Florian Ziemen

Erin Skye has been invited by MEYER-CHAFFAUD