About the festival

The multidisciplinary HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival welcomes a broad and curious audience. Proven adventurous art installations and brilliant (dance)performances are shown next to brand new works, commissioned by the festival team. The festival puts your sensory experience and the interaction with the works and their creators at its center.

The Hague based and international performers and artists take you on a sensory tour through the building of De Nieuwe Regentes, a former swimming pool. On stage as well as behind the scenes you will be immersed in a unique experience. One moment you might enjoy a highly esthetic work with all your senses, the next you’ll find yourself back in an intimate one-to-one installation.

A part of the festival program puts work on display that is created from the artist’s fascination for the human body, while other creators in the program put their focus more on social patterns. HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival is definitely ‘a very human art experience’.

After it’s enthusiastically received first edition in 2017 the bi-annual festival is back in 2019. The festival theme for this edition is [voluntary] EXILE & HOSPITALITY.

HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival is an initiative by MEYER-CHAFFAUD.
In 2019 the festival program is created in co-operation with our program partners of iii (Matteo Marangoni), The Grey Space in the Middle (Tim Terpstra) and ‘KABK Antenna’ The Body of the Audience (Ludmila Rodrigues).