Karel van Laere

From 14 until 20 October 2019 Karel van Laere and Peter van Til have been working together on Jeju island in South Korea. The result of this journey is not yet known, but it will have it’s premiere during HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival. Karel’s work is best described as a combination betweeen performance and visual art. Due to his various different qualifications and backgrounds, he works in a multidisciplinary way.

His work often begins with sincere questions, such as: What would it be like if, just like a computer, you could switch off your body every now and then? Or, what does it feel like to be dependent on a machine or on others? The search for possibilities to realise his often extreme ideas becomes part of the work. The post-show discussions with the people he works with are also an important part of it.

Compared to a machine, the human body is incredibly limited physically and vulnerable. In his work, he translates this into images which magnify this vulnerability. He tries to portray this vulnerability by not moving himself, but by outsourcing my movements to others or machines.

Tussen 14 en 20 Oktober werken Karel van Laere en Peter van Til samen op het Jeju eiland in Zuid Korea.
Het resultaat van deze reis is nog onbekend, maar zal voor het eerst vertoond worden tijdens het HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival

Performer: Karel van Laere
Director of Photography: Peter van Til
Special thanks: jieaf 2019 & Stroom Den Haag.

Picture: Swan Park

Karel van Laere has been invited by MEYER-CHAFFAUD