Lauren Jetty

Lauren Jetty is an ArtScience Master from the United Kingdom, currently living and working in The Hague. Her 2018/19 thesis entitled [Na]Scent Language was nominated for the Master Thesis award; an interactive publication exploring scent and language through different cultures, game play and cross modal language.  

Inspired by the theme of HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival she is developing a new drink and scents. If this makes you very curious you can already join the Creative HUBS Exchange on the 17th of October to get a first taste of what she is up to! Read more about the Creative HUBS Exchange with a.o. Lauren here

Lauren about her work: ‘Physicality of experience is valuable in an increasingly digital and digitised world. The ‘other’ senses (touch, smell and taste) require this physicality and intimacy. They also have feminine associations; accentuating notions of ‘appropriate’ female roles. These senses are often utilitised in ritualistic conditions due to their physicality and need for closeness, for example taking communion or the burning of incense in religious ceremonies. This idea of ritual is apparent in my methodology. The cross-modality of sensory experience is an integral part of my practice; how our senses can collaborate or contradict, this often results in my work being located at the intersection of disciplines.’ 



Lauren Jetty has been invited by The Body of the Audience