Festival theme: [voluntary] EXILE & HOSPITALITY

Sometimes you dare to take the leap into the unknown, enter into the experiment, place yourself outside of your familiar environment. Sometimes circumstances force you. Whatever the reason, when you open yourself up to new experiences, something happens. And WHAT happens next sometimes depends on how the people around you react. The effect can be pleasant and rewarding, or it could not be what you had hoped for at all… People are waiting for you with open arms and praise your (art) work, or wish you hadn’t climbed that fence (just to mention an example from a global perspective).

Taking that leap into the unknown and the way in which your environment can respond to it “hospitably” or not, that, in all its facets is the theme of HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival: [voluntary] EXILE & HOSPITALITY.

Everything you see and experience during this festival edition – whether it is new or existing work – is connected to this theme. Focus your senses and let your feelings and/or brains do the rest: we warmly welcome you and take you on a 2.5-hour tour through the entire building of De Nieuwe Regentes.