Bjarte Wildeman

Bjarte Wildeman’s installation forms the translation of one’s own body, the extension of oneself, as well as an almost living entity of its own. The installation lets one enter into a dialogue with oneself, speaking the same words, but another language. It explores spatial dimensions and creates a play of light and shadows in its surroundings. Motions Measured in… is an exploration of connected movement, extended motion and the human body in relation to other bodies and the surrounding space.

About Bjarte Wildeman
Bjarte Wildeman (NL, 1998) is intrigued by bodily motion, the physical experience, altering these experiences and biohacking, and researches (mostly) through performance-installations. He is currently studying at the ArtScience Interfaculty, KABK/KC The Hague. Through his work he aims at inter- and intra-individual sensation, physical awareness and understanding and developing ways of understanding and altering kinetic experience.

Bjarte Wildeman has been invited by The Body of the Audience