Aisha Pagnes

Remember the ‘heartbeat’ installation Aisha Pagnes presented at the first HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival? Festival goers got to hear each other’s heartbeat in an intimate installation and some beautiful connections were made between people who didn’t meet before.

This time she is back with her Breath Piece, which we won’t tell too much about. Step into Aisha’s poetic world and let yourself be enchanted: “Communication is fundamentally a leap into the unknown…The similarity between you and I, is that we are both alive, and yet not in control of the functions that constitute our aliveness…Every breath is a creative breath.”

Breathe in
our oxygen

Breathe out
my carbon
your carbon

An exhale is the proof of an inhale
continuously engaged
in the struggle of dominance
and least resistance
of absorption
of loss

About Aisha Pagnes
Aisha Pagnes (IT/NZ 1994) graduated in 2019 from the ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and is currently furthering her education in Philosophy at Leiden University. She stages installations which sensitize visitors to non-verbal communication. Her interest as an artist is in the field of art that can serve to stimulate personal and collective growth.

From Aisha’s personal bio
The ‘subjective certainty’ of inspiration is one of most exhilarating states of being she has come to experience through art making. She considers creativity as a necessary faculty for meaningful action, however she experiences the proliferation of cultural artefacts as unnecessary. Societal value is something that concerns her a lot, and often feels as though she should be doing something more useful. This of course is a consequence of watery generalisations.


Aisha Pagnes has been invited by MEYER-CHAFFAUD