Ludmila Rodrigues

Ludmila is fascinated by the ways we move, communicate and relate with one another and with the environment. She works as an artist, scenographer and sometimes performer, in the intersection between sensory experience, architecture and social interaction. Her works unfold a corporeal dialogue with the public, a context where everyone becomes an actor. For HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival she is creating a tactile space which will challenge the public to walk in. Currently she is investigating affect theory – power of embodied and visceral experience – for creating her spatial interventions, living sculptures and choreographic devices to influence and engage with the body of the audience.

Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 1979) and based in The Hague since 2009, Ludmila Rodrigues has a background in architecture, dance and kung fu. She has presented works at GöteborgsOperan (Gothenburg), TodaysArt Festival, FILE (São Paulo), Space Media Festival (Taipei) Cinekid (Amsterdam, 2016), Korzo, Stroom and Het Rijksmuseum (The Deepest Sense Symposium), among others.

Ludmila is also under the moniker ‘The Body of the Audience’ one of HUBS IMMERSIVE’s program partners.

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Ludmila Rodrigues has been invited by MEYER-CHAFFAUD